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Here are the research articles I've published to date. The titles are also links that will take you to either the abstract of the article or the full text, the latter being more common. For a list of other publications, such as book reviews and online writings, as well as conference presentations, please download my CV.

Herman, B. D. (2016). Policies for online search. In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication. New York: Oxford University Press.

Herman, B.D. (2015). Dissolving innovation in Meltwater: Copyright and online search. Journal of Information Policy 5. 204-244.

Herman, B.D., & Kim, M. (2014). The internet defends itself: The network neutrality debate on the web. The Information Society 30(1), 31-44.

Herman, B.D. (2012). A political history of DRM and related copyright debates, 1987-2012. Yale Journal of Law & Technology 14, 162-225.

Herman, B.D. (2012). Taking the copyfight online: Comparing the copyright debate in congressional hearings, in newspapers, and on the web. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 17(3), 354-368.

Herman, B.D. (2008). Breaking and entering my own computer: The contest of copyright metaphors. Communication Law and Policy 13(2), 231-274.

Herman, B. D. (2006). Opening bottlenecks: On behalf of mandated network neutrality. Federal Communications Law Journal 59(1), 107-159.

Herman, B. D., & Gandy Jr., O. H. (2006). Catch 1201: A legislative history and content analysis of the DMCA exemption proceedings. Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal 24(1), 121-190.

Herman, B. D. (2006). Scratching out authorship: Representations of the electronic music DJ at the turn of the 21st Century. Popular Communication 4(1), 21-38.

Ott, B.L., & Herman, B. D. (2003). Mixed messages: Resistance and reappropriation in rave culture. Western Journal of Communication 67(3), 249-270.

Bill Herman Journal Articles