Here's to Being Bad at Saying No

My service to the discipline has been roughly on-par for a junior faculty member. I have regularly reviewed for conferences, journals, and academic presses. I have also served as a respondent on several conference panels.

Where my academic service has really shined, though, is in my work for my home institution. In particular, in my seven years at Hunter, I did substantial work for the department and the college.

68th St. Subway Station

The ink was barely dry on my dissertation when I took the lead in designing a new major concentration in Media Analysis and Criticism, plus stewarding the proposal through departmental adoption.

In my fourth and fifth semester (i.e., starting in my second year), I served as Acting Deputy Chair, which meant making the department schedule, recruiting and supervising adjuncts, attending university events, and advising majors. My department was so pleased with my performance that they offered to appoint me indefinitely.

For the 2014-15 school year, I took on the role of Internship Advisor for the department. In the first few months on the job, I completely redesigned the Film & Media Internship website); supervised the digitization of the hundreds of formerly all-paper records; and created a social media presence.

At Fordham, I have also jumped right into service. In particular, I am the academic co-advisor of the interdisciplinary Digital Media & Technology concentration.