Growing Future Leaders

Fordham University in autumn

Inside and Outside the Classroom

I have a deep passion for teaching, as reflected by my glowing student evaluations and peer observations. I consistently challenge students to master conceptually difficult materials and apply them in new and innovative ways, and they regularly meet the challenge.

My years of training in public speaking are mostly an asset — I am very comfortable in front of crowds, and I don't even need a microphone for the big classrooms — though I still have not shaken my habit of speaking too rapidly. I also do my best to break down the power imbalance inherent in the student/teacher relationship, using humor (often directed at myself), structured group discussions, and unusual candor in a mostly-successful attempt to create a truly inviting environment.

Outside the classroom, students regularly turn to me for fellowship and guidance on a wide range of issues — whether or not they are currently in any of my classes. When my class or another course is challenging or frustrating, when career choices are foggy, and when life gets complicated and difficult, students regularly take me up on what is essentially a standing offer to be available in any way I can.

A Wide Range of Classes

I've really enjoyed teaching at Fordham (see sidebar for more on what I've taught). It's just my latest stop, though, on what's already a pretty long and varied teaching track.

For my years at Hunter, I was particularly identified with teaching Digital Copyright (see sidebar). I also frequently taught — and thoroughly enjoyed teaching — Internet and Society.

I was fortunate enough to work with Bob Stanley in co-teaching Introduction to Media Studies in three separate semesters. We were also very fortunate to work with some gifted discussion instructors, including Doris Cacoilo , Josh Grumet, Davin Deblat, and Leslie Synn. I learned a great deal from each of them.

I have also taught several other upper-division courses. These include:

  • Understanding New Media
  • Communication, Technology, and Change
  • History of Broadcasting (during which I am fairly confident I learned the most of anyone involved)
  • Internet Research